Hi, I'm Frederik Steinmetz, welcome to my portfolio.

I finished my studies in biology at the Free University of Berlin, which is one of the three most prestigious universities of Germany. In the world of computer graphics I started off with modelling and texturing and then transitioned to programming. My main languages are Python and C#, but I'm also confident with Three.js, an in-browser 3D engine which is based on Javascript. 

1981 Born in Seattle, Wa. I am both an American and German citizen.

1987 Went to school in Lille, France for a year, because my father had a scholarship there. 

1988 Went to school in Marburg

1995 Went to school in Vienna, Austria for one year, for the same reason.

1996 Back to Marburg

2000 Graduation from Kurfürst Salentin Gymnasium, Andernach (Abitur). 

2000 Spent a year working in a medical lab for the University of Washington in Seattle, WA focusing on cholesterol. 

2001 Started studying biology at the Free University of Berlin (Freie Universität Berlin), which is one of the three elite universities of Germany. 

2005 Worked as a student aid for the Philippine Endemic Species Conservation Project (PESCP) in the rainforest of Pandan.

2008 Research trip to Laos, where I studied cave-dwelling spiders,  about which I wrote my diploma (masters) thesis.

2009 Became very active in the Blender (3D) community, teaching, tutorials and some basic Python development.

2011 After three slow years of freelancing I joined forces with Gottfried Hofmann at Blenderdiplom.com.

2015 We wrote the Cycles Encyclopedia, which became a big success.

2016 A freelancing colleague invited me to a project developing an online ring configurator and we are still improving it on a regular basis.

2018 Worked for a company that produced 3D printable dentures as senior developer in Toronto, Canada.

Due to my many stays abroad e.g. in France and America I am very good at adapting to new and unknown situations. I am also fluent in both English and German and speak enough French to find my way around Francophone countries. I even picked up a few words of Tagalog (One of the three official languages of the Philippines).

All my knowledge about computers, 3D, programming etc. is self-taught which means I am a very quick learner who happily expands his horizon for any kind of interesting project.

Since I am a generalist using After Effects, Photoshop, Blender, Unity and others I have a very good overview in situations where 3D, animation and functionality have to be combined. I am capable of coordinating a team in order to find the most efficient way to reach our goal. For example our ring configurator runs faster and looks better than all competition I have compared it too.

Even though I ended up in Computer Graphics, I am still - at heart - a zoologist.

In my spare time I teach biology, math, chemistry, physics and English to students aged 12 and above. I also like working out (at the moment: at home. Well. You know).